Silver & Charcoal Labrador Facts

Silver &Charcaol Labradors have been a hot topic for years and years. While AKC recognizes Silver Labradors as Chocolates, and Charcoals as black,  many out there are under the FALSE impression that Silver Labradors get their color from being bred with a Weimaraner. This wives tale was began back in the 1980’s, where the claim was that a kennel in Minnesota cross bred a Weimarenaer with a Chocolate Labrador- and got the silver color. THIS IS COMPLETELY FALSE!

AKC has done full panel DNA testing on Silver Labs, only to conclude that they are pure bred Labradors, with a recessive dd gene, and not a DD gene, which would give the dog a chocolate color.  A Weimarenar has a dd gene which is responsible for the diluted chocolate color, giving the dog a silver look, along with yellow, hazel eyes. Many dog breeds carry this recessive gene, and if it becomes the dominant color gene- a dog can carry the Silver or Charcoal color.

A great comparison would be two people with dark hair, and brown eyes who have a child, and the child is born with red hair and blue eyes. It all comes down to which genes are dominant.

I took this a step further and contacted Embark DNA. Emabark is a professional DNA testing facility, and they DNA test ALL of my dogs, and puppies. When I contacted them I asked them if they ever see Labradors cross bred with Weimaraners. They explained to me that when they do a DNA test on a dog- they can test back 5 generations- this would be roughly 50 years for a Labrador. They further explained that they have NEVER seen a Labrador cross bred with a Weimaraner.

I had my Silver Lab DNA tested by Embark- and He not only came back a genetically perfect dog, BUT as a purebred Labrador. DNA does not lie. Regarding Charcaol labradors- the identical principal applies- Charcoal Labs are black labs with a dd- as opposed to a DD color gene.

It is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE to purchase pups from breeders who have had full panel DNA testing done on their breeding dogs. This ensures a healthy puppy, clear of genetic disorders.