I do offer dog sitting services for those who adopt their pups from me.  The dogs will have tons of interaction with my dogs, your pups parents'!  will have access to a fenced yard, as well as a lot of play time in a huge open yard. They will generally only be crated at bedtime, and possible at times during the day, depending on their interaction with the other dogs.  Current vaccination records must be provided, as well as the dogs food. I provide treats, and the crate If you board your dog more than two days, he will be given a bath the day he goes home!


I also offer puppy/ adult dog training. Training is $70 per hour. Deluxe boarding and training combined is $130 per day.  Training is a beneficial thing for your pup/adult dog, if he is lacking in certain areas. Some things can be remedied in a few days to a week, while others may take longer. Feel free to discuss with me.

DELUXE BOARDING RATES: A 24 hour stay is $60. Anything up to 6 hours of the following day is considered a half day. Anything over 6 hours is considered a full day. 

Labrador Retriever in water